360 Immerse hits ProBlogger

» Posted on Sep 2, 2014

360 Immerse hits ProBlogger










Blogger relations and blogger outreach is something that we pride ourselves on at 360 Immerse! Having completed successful activations for Target Australia, Tyrrells Crisps, The Body Shop, australis cosmetics, Arts Centre Melbourne, Moose Toys, We-Vibe and many more, we are always looking for ways to work with bloggers creatively and to ensure the best result for our client, for the blogger and for blog readers and consumers.


We recently attended the fifth annual ProBlogger event, this year held at the gorgeous QT at the Gold Coast. Keeping up with trends in the blogging industry is a key element of keeping us at the top of our game with regard to working with bloggers and social influencers. And a cocktail or two thanks to Virgin Australia wasn’t going to go astray…



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With guest speakers like Pat Flynn who taught us how to turn your passive audience into raving fans and Rand Fishkin who made SEO sound sexy, we also heard about email marketing techniques from Shane Tilley and Matthew Michalewicz spoke about entrepreneurship, success psychology and… Arnold Schwarzenegger.


We also heard from some of our favourite bloggers including Kate McKibbon aka Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily, Katrina Springer aka The Organised Housewife, Stacey Roberts aka Veggie Mama, Chantelle Ellem aka Fat Mum Slim, Nikki Parkinson aka Styling You and Lucy Feagins aka The Design Files and of course, THE ProBlogger himself, Darren Rowse.  From engaging better with your social media audience to blogging and the law, the ProBlogger event was an eye opener into the digital world.


We love working with bloggers to create engaging and creative content for a brand. For some, blogging is a business and the idea of monetising their blog is what has drawn a lot of bloggers to ProBlogger in the first place. But, the transaction always needs to be mutually beneficial. Being the middle-man between a blogger and a brand can sometimes be a bit of a minefield, but ensuring a ‘win’ for both parties is something we always strive for! Offering bloggers an experience, an exclusive offering or a product plus discussing the requirements for working with brands is a must.


At some level it is a numbers game though. Reporting back to our clients and showing the return on their investment in working with bloggers is still a crucial element. Looking at engagement levels including the number of comments on a blog post, the number of social media interactions, the number of click throughs to a brand/ client website and the number of unique views to that blog post (rather than simply tracking the monthly unique visitors) are all ways that we monitor a sponsored post for results.


We heard some amazing stories of bloggers who have taken a leap to quit their day job to pursue blogging full time. This shows so much courage and we congratulate them!


If you’re a blogger looking to work with brands and PR agencies, please get in touch with us! Likewise, if you’re a brand and you want to tap into the influence that so many bloggers have these days, we’d love to work with you. Drop us an email at team@immerseagency.com.au.