Five Things You Didn’t Know About: Bella

» Posted on Sep 1, 2014

Five Things You Didn’t Know About: Bella

It’s been a while since we’ve written a “Five Things You Didn’t Know” post, so let’s hit September off with one about our newest team member and footy fanatic, Bella!

– First up, she is an ex-dancer and has taken the stage to perform in local productions for 8 years. Bella the Bellarina!

– In high school, her nickname was “Bella Boy/B.Boy”. This originated from her tom-boy tendencies, love of AFL, and her lack of effort in her appearance back in the day. With her focus more on footy scores than makeup, our Bella wasn’t the typical catholic school girl.

– While on camp in year 9, she was crowned the fastest eater after winning a competition where she had to eat a banana in the fastest time possible. She is often caught “inhaling” her food, as those close to her like to call it.

– In an attempt to end the confusion on how to pronounce Kwiatkowski, her Polish last name, it is “Kwit-kov-ski”. The “W” is pronounced as a “V”. Got it, because she won’t tell you twice!

– Her musical stylings favour rock and pop from the 90’s. Play her anything from The Smashing Pumpkins, Ace of Bace, Pearl Jam or NSync and she will be singing and dancing along…We may have to limit her time on the decks!

We’re thrilled to have the beautiful, bright and bubbly Bella, who happens to rock when it comes to social media and the blogging sphere, join our team and who knows she may even help us share her deep passion for footy.