New brand? PR vs Advertising. What will it be?

» Posted on May 7, 2014

New brand? PR vs Advertising. What will it be?

As a PR Agency specialising in communication for start up businesses’ it’s a debate we often hear.

You’re a start up; a new brand that’s trying to pave a way for yourself, make your mark in the big, competitive world… but with limited funds.

One of the most challenging things when you’re a ‘new’ brand/ company/ organisation is establishing your voice to make sure that a) you’re heard and b) you stand out from the crowd. No one likes to blend in, not by choice anyway.

PR Dice




So when you roll the dice, where you do spend your precious pennies? PR is absolutely crucial for new brands and the entrepreneurs behind them.


Because ‘earned media’ or editorial coverage is the best way to create awareness and raise the profile of a business or person and it’s often taken more seriously by those consuming it because it’s credible. The awareness, interest and ultimately results (whether leads, store traffic, sales, enquiries) these sorts of media mentions can achieve really are priceless.


Business plan


On the flip side, whilst also very valuable for certain brands, advertising – across most media – can be very costly and short-lived. So when you’re getting the ball rolling and everything comes down to dollars and cents… opt for PR.

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