Tyrrells crisps arrive on Australian soil… Hurrah!

» Posted on Jul 4, 2014

Tyrrells crisps arrive on Australian soil… Hurrah!

As a PR Agency in the lifestyle space we get to work alongside a wide variety of fun and exciting brands and sometimes these brands are also delicious… Enter Tyrrells, the Hand Cooked English Potato Chips!

Once upon a time in there was a potato farmer who lived in the English countryside – Herefordshire to be exact!After an extraordinarily hardy potato growing season he found himself with too many potatoes…. and what does one do with such an abundance of potatoes? Make crisps, by Jove, and this is exactly what he did!

Today Tyrrells is one of the fastest growing premium crisp brands in the UK and they have packed their tartan bags and picnic rugs and headed down under to give Aussie’s the Tyrrells crisp-crunching experience.

This week 360 Immerse took Tyrrells to Sydney, tantalising the media’s tastebuds with a delicious delivery of Tyrrells crisps and a good laugh in the spirit of the brand, accompanied by our Tyrrells pack re-enactors!

Tyrrells Crisps are available in six scrumptious flavours – some are a chip off the old block like Sea Salt & Cider Vinegar, Lightly Sea Salted, Sea Salt & Cracked Black Pepper, and some, like Sweet Chilli & Red Pepper and Mature Cheddar & Chive show their British flair! The Sunday Best Roast Chicken tastes like something mum would make!

Get your lips around Tyrrells Chips… Juvvly Jubbly!

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