Here is where you would normally find housed a few paragraphs about how we will successfully merge a carefully crafted marketing strategy with the most appropriate communication tools to achieve maximum cut through…

And you just fell asleep on your keyboard didn’t you?

Let’s lose the exhausting jargon and talk facts.

Public Relations

If we tried to perform medical procedures, paint a Monet or replace, well, anything in your car, we would fail miserably. We might not know medicine, fine art or mechanics, but we do know Public Relations.

We know where to put your brand, how to put it there and how to keep it there.

It’s that simple.


Social Media

Facebook is for stalking, blogs are self-indulgent public journals and Twitter? Who can achieve anything in 140 characters right?


The online community is one of the fastest growing media platforms and most important tools that brands can utilize to gain coverage and build a strong brand identity.

360 Immerse is actively involved in all aspects of social media… we each have two Facebook accounts because we have so many friends. Lucky you.

Oh, and did we tell you we know blogging? We love the blogosphere. We play there every single day.

We can also help you with your content tabs (aka Apps), design and all those goodies you need for an interactive, engaging Facebook page.


Experiential & Events

Traditional methods of PR will always have their place – it’s the crux of any good publicity strategy. That said, the term “think outside the box” exists for a reason.

Stuck in a box? We have a chainsaw…and some high level explosives if necessary.


Brand Strategy & Marketing Communications

Brand personality. We bet you’ve seen those two words flashed around a lot… but what the hell does it mean?

Basically, it’s deciding if your brand is Alec Baldwin or…. What are the other brothers’ names…? Don’t worry; we won’t let you become one of the other Baldwins.


Copywriting & Editing

Like what we have written about ourselves? Imagine what we could do for you. We have extensive experience in copywriting, ranging from guest editorial content to entire website re-writes.

As self-confessed word nerds, the literary landscape is our playground, and we sure do like to play. Verisimilitude. Alacrity. Sesquipedalian. Ok now we are just showing off.

*disclaimer: we can write without cussing if you would prefer. But hell isn’t really a swear word if you ask us.


Personal Publicity

You don’t need to be a large company to require publicity.

Individuals and their brands need to be nurtured and marketed also.

We work closely with our sister company 360 Agency in developing tailored PR plans for many of Australia’s biggest music artists.

We like looking after ‘you’.