Who Is 360 Immerse?

Ever met someone with a God complex? An unshakable belief based on narcissism, characterised by consistently inflated feelings of personal ability and flawlessness, and with a superficial need to ridicule?

We like to avoid that.

At 360 Immerse, not only do we have over 50 years of combined experience in PR, but we also like to wear other hats. We believe this is one of our greatest strengths.

We have owned and operated successful businesses, worked for some of the world’s biggest brands, written for national publications, developed television and radio shows, made music, and opened some of the bars and restaurants YOU love.

This gives us better understanding as to what you need as a business and what media are looking for when it comes to selecting their content.

We are glass-half-full folk. *Unless we have already finished the bottle… Here is some of our key team.

Michelle Palmer – (a.k.a The Sage)

Having represented, advised and carried out campaigns for some of the world’s biggest brands, Michelle has heard and seen it all (well, just about!)

She is dedicated, diligent and driven. Yes, we wanted three words that started with D right there. Michelle has started up and successfully sold businesses, and performed & written music which has been heard in dozens of countries and still writes for her own music projects while collaborating with other artists. She has written and successfully pitched pilot TV programs, is currently writing a series of children’s books and likes to think she can cook. Which she can, but not quite so well as MKR contestants.

Through her varied experiences, Michelle has a deep appreciation for a variety of industries. Most of all she has a true empathy for business and its numerous challenges that many do not.

Michelle’s passion is in making connections, creativity, problem solving and through all of this, helping to bring brands to life. She will always give you the time of day, or die trying (ok, small exaggeration but she’ll do her best!) @Mish_Palmer

Ellie Shaw – Account Director (a.k.a Publicity Doyenne)

Ellie studied Communications at Curtin University in Perth, majoring in Public Relations and Journalism before giving up the sun and warmth and relocating to Melbourne. With experience across a range of fashion, lifestyle, family, entertainment and not-for-profit clients, Ellie also has experience in driving creative publicity and media relations campaigns. Her best day was when she appeared in the social pages twice in one weekend. Not really.


Alexandra Davy – Senior Account Manager (aka Pitching Warrior) After entering an office full of Alex’s, Alexandra was ‘forced’ to take her full name – and still feels like she’s getting in trouble. She thinks the popularity of her name must be saying something…

Joining the team after a gig working on the national campaigns for Keep Australia Beautiful, Alexandra is fully ‘immersed’ in her work and thoroughly enjoys the lifestyle realm of PR. Alexandra is a media pitching specialist, incredibly focused, a perfectionist and a little bit OCD… in a good way of course (and better still, also comes degree qualified).

If you need something done, who you gonna call? Yup. You got it.


Stephanie Hume – Senior Account Executive (aka witty gal and skittles addict) Stephanie is a strategy and branding addict. With any new connection she makes, she finds herself keenly (perhaps a little too keenly) brainstorming how they can improve their company, brand or own personal image. Keen to make her mark in the PR world she has experience across lifestyle, consumer, philanthropic, property and government sectors, in addition to a Masters in Communication from RMIT.

This communications superstar believes her calling to be in lifestyle, an exciting place where her interest in creativity and strategy come to life. Her second love is exercising her wit (welcome in the Immerse offices!), consuming skittles and horse riding. Steph (as well love to call her) is extremely excited to be part of the Immerse team – we love her already!

Erin Ivanka – Account Manager Erin (commonly known around the Immerse office as Erini) can’t start her day without her coffee and will always say yes to a second…or third.

Studying at the University of Melbourne, Erin completed her Arts degree before discovering her love of PR. With broad experience working with lifestyle clients, Erini has found her feet at Immerse and is loving every minute of it.

One of Erin’s endearing qualities is that she can talk… a lot… and pretty fast too. Although not quite ready to take on the other Immerse talking legend, Alix. And with a deep desire for lists, not just one but perhaps more like five, or ten, Erin has a relationship with lists that ensures she gets things done. Another fabulous quality that is much-appreciated.

She also takes great satisfaction in seeing results, has strong longer-term vision and can see the horizon through the fog. A great asset when there a four client events all happening in the one week.

Erini also possesses an awesome ability to laugh when things need lightning up. One of our favourite things about her when stress takes hold.


Grant Smillie
 – (a.k.a The Tastemaker)

While best known for his DJ and musical accolades Grant has an established himself as a conduit to the youth market through a variety of business enterprises including Neon Records, 360 Agency and hosting ‘The Weekend’ on Nova and Club [V] on Channel [V].

Grant’s forte is in social networking and unlocking the secrets into engaging with the youth market. A PR strategist, he adds immense value to any business through his vast media contacts to communicate to youth in language they understand. At 360 Immerse, Grant is responsible for the out of the box strategic planning, partnership developments and cultural attaché.

The latest string to Grant’s bow has seen the rollout of restaurants and bars- most notably ‘PonyFish Island’ in the middle of Melbourne’s Yarra river and ‘My Mexican Cousin’ at the Melbourne Recital Centre.


Sean Weidemann – Technical Director (a.k.a The Computer-head) & Photographer to the stars. Need we say more?